• Who’s Your Mama?

    by  • May 13, 2012 • World

    The engine that drives the universe is feminine.

    I got that from a book on physics. Gary Zukav, who wrote The Dancing Wu Li Masters, says that the deeper you get into physics the closer you get to metaphysics. A lot of the metaphysical principals churned out of Taoist and Egyptian, and in fact out of most ancient temples over the centuries bear an eerie similarity to quantum physics. So does First Nations culture.

    Remember the song Dust In The Wind by Kansas? It’s based on a traditional Cherokee poem that tells the story of creation – that everything in the universe is made of the same stuff, it’s just going at different speeds. In particle physics, the idea is the same. Same particles. Different speeds on the wind.

    And what’s making the wind move? Temperature changes. The sun drives changes in atmospheric temperature, and that’s because of that central engine that drives elemental and particle behavior in the sun. And according to Taoists, Gary Zukav and annoying middle-aged women like me, that central engine, that driver, is feminine.

    You don’t have to send her a card, though.

    Happy Mother’s Day.