• The Image Problem

    by  • October 8, 2012 • Uncategorized

    Green has an image problem.  It’s as if, after the beautiful shot of Earth from space made the rounds, the eco-movement figured that no better picture was available… so why bother to keep up the aesthetics?

    But beauty is important.  When I interviewed Bryan Welsh, publisher of Mother Earth news, he said that, “Beauty should be a primary ingredient of every human endeavor,”  Beauty reinforces our connection to each other, energizes us to see a future with more positives, and gives us the inspiration to work through the tough details to create that future.

    A new book addresses two central ideas at the same time:  hidden cost, and aesthetics.  This is from the description:  “Cause and Effect…reveals a contemporary visual language for sustainability,”  Great idea.

    You can check out the book and skim it on this page.