• The Fresh Start

    by  • December 14, 2012 • Uncategorized

    Since Mayan calendar cycles always renew, I figure I can rationalize this date for my own purposes as well as any terror-promoting “end of days” TV special.

    So, I deny the “end of days”. I’ll go with a fresh start instead.

    With my setbacks, this blog suffered from neglect.  Like so many people, I got deep into overwhelm in 2012.  I wanted to start this blog hot on the heels of the short film we made for the Environmental Leadership Program and my time editing Denver Green Streets magazine but I simply had too many other plates spinning – new plates.  In June I got a new, very demanding job (which I’m delighted to have), a new, disabled addition to the family in the form of a crazy-smart German Shepherd with 3 legs who needs even more time and the already-demanding micro homestead and life in general.  I hit the overwhelm wall.

    Then, I got a gift.

    My friend Kevin Rease, who I worked with on the short film, offered to continue do more interviews with me just for the pleasure of doing it.  I could hardly believe it.  Kevin is very experienced film maker; he works currently on a food series and on a local sci-fi series, and he wants to continue to do interviews with me for my blog fodder.  An incredible gift.  We discussed many particulars, and it looks as if we’ll be able to go out to get some interviews locally about twice a month after January.

    This will bump up the quality of my video blog posts and add a very professional appearance when we show up to shoot.  Kevin has invested in top-quality equipment and I’m learning how to get him the best material to reduce post-production time, which is the bugaboo, or has been mine so far.  We’re going to streamline that part of the process so we can get people their video in a timely manner, and post the same way.

    So, a fresh start for Colorado Green Channel begins with Kevin’s wish to keep filming what people are doing in our community to conserve resources and live healthy, and to keep showing up at local Green events as well.  I’m honored and excited to be starting fresh, and I look forward to working with Kevin.

    Thank you, Mayan cycles of rebirth and thank you, Kevin.