• Lovely and Amazing

    by  • October 3, 2012 • Uncategorized

    I can’t imagine what Lynette Myers goes through between the months of August and October.  It’s got to be crazy.  Lynette heads the Environmental Leadership Program and  lovingly guides all of the companies and organizations through the program as they sweat and grind out the details so they can earn their awards and certifications.  Then, the culmination is a huge awards ceremony with speakers, media and presentations, PLUS the awards.  The awards ceremony was this morning for 2012.  If I was Lynette I’d go drink beer for the rest of the day.  I doubt she will, though.

    It’s not easy to be an Environmental Leader.   These people have to be detailed in the extreme, meticulous, determined, creative and have real staying power.  Once you grab sustainability by the tail it will drag you through the jungle of metrics forever, because there is “Always more we can do,” as I’ve heard these people say, over and over again.  It’s Schindler’s List syndrome.  Once you find out that you can save resources and help clean up the world around you, you want to do more.  Sustainability has got an addictive quality.

    Congrats to Lynette and all of the wonderful people in our state who care enough about the future of humanity, and about now, to go above and beyond when it comes to management of resources, recycling, community support, and so many other aspects of environmental stewardship and guardianship.  It all matters.  A LOT.