• Incoming!

    by  • October 4, 2012 • Uncategorized

    Freezing temperatures on the way.

    Those words are the trumpet call to gardeners of all kinds.  The pumpkins need to come in NOW, just in case the frost drops a little earlier than the weather people say it will.  So we all scurry out to chop the ground fruit off the vine and lug it inside.  Some people just cover it with newspapers or frost covers, or take their chances.  I love me some pumpkins, and I take NO chances.

    I got an email from Sundari Kraft yesterday asking for help with the green tomato harvest.  Sundari is a local author on homesteading and runs Heirloom Gardens, which is a wicked cool learn-by-doing program that teaches people to grow, or to can, or to start a CSA, or to keep livestock in town.  She’s deeply knowledgeable and thee least pretentious person I’ve ever met.  She’s a lot of fun to learn with.  So when I got the e-mail asking for help bringing in the green tomatoes, I had a brush with guilt.  But it wasn’t possible yesterday.

    I did get my own pumpkins all in.  Here they are.  For pies, for side dishes, for soup and sauce for this winter, I think these will do: