• Hungry?

    by  • May 16, 2012 • Uncategorized

    I did summer stock in high school. Summer stock is Latin for borderline starvation.

    I learned some tricks to keep my stomach silent during dramatic moments on stage. Tricks like swiping the oederve leftovers into my pack as I cleaned up the lobby (Yes, I DID get busted doing it, and Cape Cod summer residents don’t think that kind of thing is cute. It’s too street to be cute.) and eating the food props that would have to be replaced every night anyway when we did Hello, Dolly.

    If you’re scraping by, you can still get a good meal. There are restaurants that specialize in this kind of reality here in Colorado. With the numbers of people living on MUCH LESS than they used to, this is a great thing.

    SAME Cafe literally stands for “So All May Eat”. They are decent and kind folks and they have an amazing philosophy. If you live on the west side of town, the Comfort Cafe lets you eat for any size donation.

    There are resources for hungry people here in Colorado. There are options available. You don’t have to skip meals, and you don’t have to eat ramen so you can pay your electric bill-not unless you want “starving artist” bragging rights. But starving artists haven’t been cool since Wall Street packed theaters in the ’80′s anyway.

    And by the way, just in case you fall prey to the widely-held delusion that being in a personal downturn means you’re a loser, here’s a stat for you:

    Visit people who will help you when you need help. And when you’re on an upswing, donate to those people who helped you when you were down. This is how we keep our communities fed and healthy through economic stresses.

    Bon appetite!