• Funny Math

    by  • May 15, 2012 • Uncategorized

    I’ve taken on a project, and found myself without my usual partner in crime to pull it off.

    I’ve signed on to make the video for the awards ceremony for the Environmental Leadership Program with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. This means I’ll visit 36 businesses, give or take, and get interviews with them about what they’ve gotten from the ELP and how it has enhanced their relationships with their communities, and/or how it has enhanced quality of life and work for employees.

    It’s a little scary, but absolutely THEE thing I want to be doing. I’m very excited to find out what these people will say. I’m going for the juicy interviews, the really GOOD stuff. You can’t cram 36 businesses into a 3-minute video, but you can skim the real, the compelling and the resonant off the top of several dozen videos and make one great video.

    …I think.

    And I’m excited to make some friends at these businesses. Blue Star Recycling in the Springs, for example, hires people who are often passed over by society in general. They hire disabled people and autistic people, give them work they like, and treat them like worthy employees. What a concept.

    Here’s the interesting part…the budget is $1000.00 for the whole thing. I’ve given a few videographers nice belly laughs when I whip that number out.

    Yeah, the math isn’t good. But I flunked Algebra 1. Twice. Since I don’t understand number values, I give numbers very little meaning in my life.

    So it’s on to the written portion of the test…