• Denver County Fair Review

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    Urban AG

    It’s probably fitting that the Denver County Fair was held indoors; it was mostly a representation of indoor, urban Denver.  There was a great representation of urban agriculture, though.  Denver Urban Gardens looked especially posh.  I love the urban ag movement and the promise it holds, so I was delighted to see it.

    Local Food BoothSlow Food








    Other sections of the Fair were more disappointing, including the Green Pavilion, which was merely a collection of businesses and agencies.  Businesses and agencies are a necessary part of the movement toward sustainability but we’ve seen this kind of set up many times, and it’s very two-dimensional.

    Reps at the business tables jump on you like dogs needing a walk; I stopped at table for one solar company and was regaled with an identical, almost-shouted question by 3 people simultaneously.  I can sympathize with struggling businesses, but a certain truth holds no matter what business you’re in:  share your pain with anybody but your customers.  The staff at the agency tables were tired by the middle of the day and not as prone to energetic discussion, plus, people at agencies aren’t fighting the same fight that businesses are.  So they tend to share the boredom.

    I love Zombies as much as the next girl.  I’m all about preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse…and Freak Shows…



    …and Steampunk outfits…


    But I would like to see as much creativity and show biz go into Green pavilions.  I’d like to see a Green pavilion that walked you through how much potable water goes down toilets every day.  I’d like to see a solar company put more energy into education in its displays than the same ol’ rabid hard sell.  THAT would be quirky.