• Brrrrrr.

    by  • October 7, 2012 • Uncategorized

    Temps are going back up this week, but a cold snap is a great reminder that it’s time to turn the heat on soon.  You can save cash over the winter with clean ducts and a heating system that works properly.  Maintenance of that system can also be a health and life saver.

    If the idea of winter heating costs has your pulse going up, you may save even more money by getting a free energy audit and possibly even some a assistance.  A great place for Denver residents to start is Denver Energy Challenge.

    For people outside Denver, Excel does free audits, and there are assistance programs.  Sometimes you have to have a rock-bottom income to qualify for help, but it’s good to know your options.

    Also, these dumb-simple strategies really do work: get outside in the cold every day for a while if you can, which acclimates your body to the cold and can be great for the immune system, and wear layers when you’re inside.  I like my silk backpacking underwear under fleece and a big wool shirt on top of it all.  We’re not going to win any contests for svelte and sexy in our staying-home winter outfits at The Ranch, but we do keep our heating costs down.