• Better Math

    by  • May 20, 2012 • Uncategorized

    I just met the videographers who will work with me on the ELP Project. We all met at a coffeehouse yesterday.

    I tried to delicately present the truth that after paying for gas to go to all of these businesses, had sandwiches and coffee, and covered most other expenses, we’d split the rest 3 ways and it would NOT be much money. I joked that we’d each get $1.37.

    “I’ve done more for less,” said Kevin Rease, of Rease’s Media Group and we all cracked up, because we are all those people. Like radio people who accept plummeting salaries and general demotion in corporate radio, we had all worked for free a LOT because we are addicted to what we do.

    Steven, of Simply Clever Productions, was the same way. He sat between his very genteel parents across the table from me. The presence of his parents gave me pause at first because I hadn’t expected it, but when his Mom started talking about the kinds of stories they’d gotten from people in interviews, I realized these were exactly the right people.

    So, away we go. Many e-mails and phone calls from now we’ll be traveling across the front range to capture the stories of environmental leadership and how sustainability changed work morale and community relationships. I’ve never produced a documentary before but if you just keep showing up for stuff you’re interested in, it’s amazing what you end up doing.