• AREDAY Weekend

    by  • August 16, 2012 • Uncategorized

    image photo : Maroon Bells, Colorado


    It’s a great idea to have guest speakers talking about principals of sustainability to crowds of business people.  Most business people I know need this kind of thing, but it’s only going to sink in to a point.  This is good business for the speakers; there’s a need to repeat the message, which means more gigs and more books.

    AREDAY is held in Aspen, which is a good indication of how rich the attendees will be.  There are serious big-wigs at this thing.

    This is reconsideration of energy management policies and other global topics, and most of us won’t hear much about it.  But the policies discussed could end up impacting us quite a bit.  It’s good to keep an eye on these people: