• API Gardening Team Meetup!

    by  • October 28, 2012 • Uncategorized

    The Gardening Team meetup at Applewood Permaculture Institute was a great sample of collective determination.

    As we introduced ourselves around the room, I noticed the glaring absence of merit-rattling.  Only one or two people brought up their educational degrees and other official credentials.  This wasn’t about establishing pack order.  It was about getting from one point to the next.

    Point 1:  a culture of commerce dividing communities and stripping the soul and nourishment from life in general, and dependent upon top-down economics

    The Next Point : a culture of community, uniting diverse individuals and creating better nourishment for body and soul through local, small-time collaboration

    There’s nothing “hippie’ about this, in case you’re getting hives.  It’s just a bunch of people who can see the “fiscal cliff” at a rapidly evaporating distance and who happen to want to protect not only themselves, but their entire communities, from the crash.  They want to do this through taking back food, community and even – gasp – the idea that quality of life is more valuable than extreme profits reaped at lightening speed.

    David Braden and other members of the team at Applewood Permaculture Institute talking members and visitors through the various permaculture techniques.

    Hives at API, where members have a lot of options with hives; you can learn beekeeping, be part of swarm season, or simply have a hive on your property.

    Peggy Gates brought a nice array of pro-biotic and fermented foods, including sourdough, yogurt, pickles and kombucha.  I was psyched to have a connection to get a SCOBY, the mother culture of homemade kombucha.  By the bottle, my favorite beverage is just too pricey for me.  Soon I’ll be brewing it on my counter.

    The next phase for API is the new greenhouse.  The gardening team who help to build it will be learning as they go to build a greenhouse.  Know-how is priceless.

    You can find out more about the API gardening team here.