• A Basket of Foraged Apples

    by  • August 29, 2012 • Uncategorized

    Eating seasonally makes the whole world more delicious. When you look forward to “eating the year”, it works on the palate like good, healthy hunger. When you’re hungry, food tastes like it should. And when you eat from the tree branch over the fence, from the woods, from your own garden, from a nearby farm, the taste is even better; you watched your food ripen on the branch in the sun after watching the blossoms toss in the spring snows. Maybe you sometimes imagined, through the hot months, that the heat would sweeten the fruit. Maybe you chatted up the farmer, or maybe you’ve named your chickens so they run to the gate when you toss them berries and greens, and then when you crack your backyard egg the yolk, a vibrant daffodil yellow, pops up on top of the white with a little glistening bounce.

    The closer we are to food, the more reverence we have for it. Reverence for food it builds reverence for Nature herself and gratitude for eating. It also lessens overeating. Quality on the palate re-sets the whole appetite system after a time, so bags of toxic crunchies simply cannot compete anymore.

    Eating seasonally and locally is not a glamorous “diet” that will make you instantly underweight and hot.

    It’s just a view on life that makes you care less about fashion magazines.